Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Steps: Follow the Logic, Just Do it and It will work… $$$ in 4 easy steps…1. Set Up a Free Paypal Account. 2. Send $1.00 to six Email Accounts fromyour Paypal Account 3. Delete email address #1 and add your email address as#6. Move all others #2-#6 up one number 4. Copy and Post this entire Letterto Newsgroups, Messages Boards etc…Copy this exactly for you guidance to completing steps 1-4. You are inBusiness for yourself and you are Creating an E-mail List Company TURN $6INTO $15,000 IN ONLY 30 DAYS...HERES HOW!PAYPAL VERIFIES THAT THIS $6 INVESTMENT SCHEME IS 100% LEGAL AND IS A BIGHIT THIS YEAR SEE THEIR NOTE BELOW OR ASK THEM DIRECTLY... THIS SCHEME MIGHTTAKE 15-30 MINUTES AND JUST $6, BUT IT IS 100% WORTH IT TO MAKE THOUSANDS SOQUICKLY. THIS IS NOT ANOTHER SCAM THAT TAKES LOTS OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY;THIS IS A NO RISK INVESTMENT THAT WILL MAKE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS VERYEASILY AND QUICKLY.>From PayPal:"Dear Member, it has come to our attention that there is a paypal schemefloating around at the moment you may have heard or seen the $6 scheme. Youmay have even taken part in it well we have been asked a lot of questionsabout this scheme the answer is yes it does work and yes it is safe to useproviding you follow the rules it is legal and has made a big hit on theinternet this year. If you would like to take part in this scheme or wouldlike a bit more information then please see the attached file that waskindly donated to us. Thank you for using PayPal!"TURN $6 INTO $15,000 IN ONLY 30 DAYS...HERES HOW! This is a Money Scheme andNot, I repeat… This is Not a Scam!!!You have most likely seen or heard about this project on TV programs such as20/20 and Oprah, or you may have read about it in the Wall Street Journal.If not, here it is below - revealed to you in step-by-step detail. Thisprogram is by no means new. It has been in existence in many forms for atleast a decade. But in the early days, it required a lot more time andeffort, as well as an investment of a few hundred dollars. However thanks toPayPal and the Internet, the investment is now virtually ZERO! And what'smore, the entire process is FASTER, EASIER, and MORE LUCRATIVE than it hasEVER been! Below is the email sent to me:How to Turn $6 into $15,000 in 30 Days with PayPal I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I SAWHOW MUCH MONEY CAME FLOODING INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT I turned $6 into $14,706within the first 30 days of operating the business plan that I am about toreveal to you free of charge. If you decide to take action on the followinginstructions, I will GUARANTEE that you will enjoy a similar return! STILLNEED PROOF? Here are just 3 testimonials from the countless individuals whodecided to invest nothing more than $6 and half an hour of their time toparticipate in this program:"What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago, andalthough I haven't made 15 grand yet, I'm already up to $9,135. I'mabsolutely gob smacked." -Pam Whittemore , Ohio"Well, what can I say?... THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sent 40 e-mail's out like yousaid and then I just forgot about the whole thing. To be honest, I didn'treally think anything would come of it. But when I checked my paypal accounta week later, there was over $5,000 in After 30 days I now have over $11,000to spend! I can't thank you enough!"-Juan Tovar, NY,NY"I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my paypalaccount. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to $12,449. Atfirst I thought there had been some sort of error with my account!" -RichardBarrie , Boulder,COThe only things you will need are: An email address. A Business PayPalaccount with at least $6 deposited in it, and just 15 to 30 minutes of yourtime. This program takes just half an hour to set up. After that, there isabsolutely no work whatsoever to do on your part. You have absolutelyNOTHING to lose, and there is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you cangenerate from this one single business program.Let's get started, just follow the instructions exactly as set out below andthen prepare yourself for a HUGE influx of cash over the next 30 days!Here's what you need to do. . .REQUIREMENTS#1) an email address #2) a Premier or Business PayPal account(It's simple and free to get a Premier or Business account, if you need helpdoing it just email me.)Now follow the steps: 1-4________________________________________Follow these easy steps EXACTLY and just watch what happensSTEP #1 - Setting up your FREE PayPal AccountIt's extremely safe and very easy to set up a FREE PayPal account! Copy andpaste this to the address bar (notice the secure"https" within the link)Be sure to sign up for a free PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and not just aPERSONAL account) otherwise you won't be able to receive credit cardpayments from other people.
STEP #2 - Sending PayPal money "It is an undeniable law of the universe thatwe must first give in order to receive."Now all you have to do is send $1.00 by way of PayPal to each of the sixemail addresses listed below. After setting up your free paypal account andconfirming or verifying YOUR ACCOUNT AND putting (six Dollars) $6.00 intoyour Paypal Account use the Account tab on Paypal to send $1.00 to each ofthe Names on the List then move the top one and place yours in the #6 spoton the list of names #1-#6. Remember your name becomes #6.Make sure the subject of the payment says... *PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAILLIST* (this keeps the program 100% legal.. so please don't forget!)Note: (If you do not see the full email address for the 6 members, just hitreply to this email and they will show up.)(Just in case you still haven't opened your PayPal account yet, use thislink to open one in your name),


Remember, all of this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are creating a service! ABusiness… An Email List Service BusinessIf you have any doubts, please refer to Title 18 Sec. 1302 & 1241 of theUnited States Postal laws.
STEP #3 - Adding Your Email AddressAfter you send your six $1.00 payments, it's your turn to add your emailaddress to the list!Take the #1) email off the list that you see above, move the other addressesup one (6 becomes 5 & 5 becomes 4, 4 becomes 3, 3 becomes 2, 2 becomes 1,your email becomes #6) put YOUR email address (the one used in your PayPalaccount) as #6) on the list.
STEP #4 - Copy Message to 200 Newgroups ore e-mail friends, message boards,etc…… The Pure Joyof Receiving PayPal Money!________________________________________You are now ready to post your copy of this message, to at least 200newsgroups, message boards, etc. (I think there are close to 32,000 groups)
All you need is 200, but remember, the more you post, the more money youmake - as well as everyone else on the list! In this situation your job isto let as many people see this letter as possible. So they will make you andme rich!!!! You can even start posting the moment your email is confirmed.Payments will still appear in your PayPal account even while your bankaccount is being confirmed.HOW TO POST TO NEWSGROUPS & MESSAGE BOARDS
Step #1)
You do not need to re-type this entire letter to do your ownposting. Simply put your CURSOR at the beginning of this letter and dragyour CURSOR to the bottom of this document, and select 'copy' from the editmenu. This will copy the entire letter into your computer's temporarymemory.
Step #2)
Open a blank 'Notepad' file and place your cursor at the top of theblank page. From the 'Edit' menu select 'Paste'. This will paste a copy ofthe letter into notepad so that you can add your email to the list. Or copyto a Word Document. and Place in the email upon completion.
Step #3)
Save your new Notepad file as a .txt file. If you want to do yourpostings in different sittings, you'll always have this file to go back to.
Step #4)
Use Netscape or Internet Explorer and try searching for variousnewsgroups, on-line forums, message boards, bulletin boards, chat sites,discussions, discussion groups, online communities, etc. EXAMPLE: go to anysearch engine like,,, - thensearch with subjects like? millionaire message board? or money makingmessage board? or opportunity message board? or money making discussions? orbusiness bulletin board? or money making forum? etc. You will find thousands& thousands of message boards. Click them one by one then you will find theoption to post a new message.
Step #5)
Visit these message boards and post this article as a new messageby highlighting the text of this letter and selecting 'Paste' from the'Edit' menu. Fill in the Subject, this will be the header that everyone seesas they scroll thru the list of postings in a particular group, click thepost message button. You're done with your first one!Congratulations! THAT'S IT!! All you have to do is jump to differentnewsgroups and post away. After you get the hang of it, it will take about30 seconds for each newsgroup!REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWSGROUPS AND/OR MESSAGE BOARDS YOU POST IN, THE MOREMONEY YOU WILL MAKE!! BUT YOU HAVE TO POST A MINIMUM OF 200**That's it! You will begin receiving money within days!**JUST MAKE SURE THE EMAIL YOU SUPPLY IS EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS ON PAYPAL.**Explanation of why it works so well:$$$$$ NOW THE WHY PART: Out of 200 postings, say I receive only 5 replies (avery low example). So then I Made $5.00 with my email at #6 on the letter.Now, each of the 5 persons who just sent me $1.00 make the MINIMUM 200postings, each with my email at #5 and only 5 persons respond to each of theoriginal 5, that is another $25.00 for me, now those 25 each make 200MINIMUM posts with my email at #4 and only 5 replies each, I will bring inan additional $125.00! Now, those 125 persons turn around and post theMINIMUM 200 with my email at #3 and only receive 5 replies each, I will makean additional $625.00! OK, now here is the fun part, each of those 625persons post a MINIMUM 200 letters with my email at #2 and they only receive5 replies that just made me $3,125.00!!! Those 3,125 persons will alldeliver this message to 200 newsgroups with my email at #1 and if still 5persons per 200 newsgroups react I will receive $15,625.00! With an originalinvestment of only $6.00! AMAZING!! When your email is no longer on thelist, you just take latest posting in the newsgroups, and send out another$6.00 to emails on the list, putting your email at number 6 again. And startposting again.The thing to remember is, thousands of people all over the world are joiningthe internet and reading these articles everyday, JUST LIKE YOU are now!!So can you afford $6?? And see if it really works?? I think so? People havesaid, what if the plan is played out and no one sends you the money? So whatare the chances of that happening when there are tons of new honest usersand new honest people who are joining the internet and newsgroups everydayand are willing to give it a try? Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 newusers everyday, with thousands of those joining the actual Internet.Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and this will work. This really isn'tanother one of those crazy scams! As long as people follow through withsending out $6.00, it works!With warm wishes, bless you and your loved ones,